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Fashion Designing Courses

A successful career in the fast-evolving field of Fashion Design is possible only with RGiops, Delhi.

Top Reasons to Enroll at RGiops Fashion Design Courses in Delhi
If you possess a passion for transforming imagination into tangible design, then the world of fashion design is your canvas. RGiops, located in Delhi, offers the finest fashion design courses, equipping you with the skills to create fresh, trendsetting designs for garments and accessories. The fashion industry in India is a dynamic and competitive sector, providing abundant career prospects for aspiring fashion designers.

  1. Thriving Fashion Industry: The fashion industry is at the forefront of Indias rapidly evolving and competitive landscape. By enrolling in RGiops top-notch fashion design courses, you position yourself to capitalize on the myriad opportunities it presents.
  2. Craftsmanship and Creativity: Our fashion design programs focus on nurturing your creativity and honing your craftsmanship. You will learn to craft innovative designs that resonate with changing fashion trends, translating your visions into reality.
  3.  International Standard Training: At RGiops, we pride ourselves on offering hands-on experiences that align with international standards. Our comprehensive training prepares you to take on future challenges within the fashion industry confidently.
  4. Expansive Career Prospects: Upon completing our fashion design courses, you will be equipped to embark on a rewarding career journey. Whether you aspire to be a fashion designer, stylist, or work in fashion merchandising, our courses provide a solid foundation for your dreams.
Course Offerings
  • One-year Diploma
  • Two-year Advanced Diploma
  • Three-year Undergraduate Courses
  • Two-year Advanced Postgraduate Courses
  • Six month Short Term courses ( AVAILABLE ) 
Candidates should have successfully completed their 12th standard from a recognized board.

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